The mechanism of clearance is the single most important piece of information a pre-clinical drug development program can obtain on its compounds. Knowing how a compound clears from the body gives insight into dosing regimen and into potential liabilities such as low bioavailability, drug-drug interactions, and accumulation.

Co-administration PK Screening
Mixtures of compounds dosed to a single animal. Reduce animal use, increase throughput, reduce cost.

  • Dose and draw
  • Dose formulation
  • Dose Limited Toxicity Screening
  • Drug-drug interaction
  • LC-MS/MS quantitative analysis
  • PK parameter calculation
  • Plasma, whole blood, urine, CSF, tissue homogenates
  • Pre-clinical Species
  • Protein and Antibody Therapeutics
  • Routine Non-GLP
  • Small molecule
Serial Micro-sampling in Mice
  • Cancer research
  • PK/PD