Analytical Research

As biology advances, new questions are raised. The ability to answer those questions depends in large part on the analytical capabilities brought to bear on the problem. Advances in analytical technologies and methodologies enable advances in biology. In turn, advances in biology drive analytical innovation in a perpetual cycle of creative problem solving.

Assay Multiplexing
One of the most powerful attributes of mass-selective detection is the ability to monitor multiple analytes in a single analytical event. The latest in LC-MS technology allows hundreds of mass-selective channels to be monitored in parallel.

Dosing radioactive compound at amounts below regulated levels can provide early information on drug clearance pathways and unique human metabolites. Relevance of the micro-dose to the pharmacologic dose can be established with micro-dosing of unlabeled compound and comparison with a pharmacologically relevant dose. We develop high sensitivity assays suitable for this comparison.

Dried Sample Spot Analysis
Analysis of dried sample spots has gained interest for clinical studies where shipping, handling and storage of frozen samples add significant cost. The use of dried blood spots can reduce these costs, but often at the expense of higher limits of quantitation and increased effort in sample preparation. We are actively working with leading researchers to find better ways of analyzing dried sample spots.

High-Throughput MALDI QqQ Quantification
The FlashQuant MALDI source from ABSciex was designed with speed in mind. Capable of analyzing any density SBS-formatted sample plates in less than 20 minutes, the FlashQuant is the answer for truly high-throughput measurements.

Method Development
We develop robust bioanalytical methods for use with LC-MS. From sample collection and storage to separation science and mass-spectrometric detection, we have the experience and expertise necessary to resolve the most challenging of method development issues.
Method Transfer
Analytical and experimental methods are often highly dependent on the equipment and procedures within a given lab. We have the experience to help you move methods between laboratories.

MS Imaging
A new and developing technology that may play a key role in important facets of drug discovery and development, such as drug distribution and biomarker discovery.

Platform Creation
We can help investigate, evaluate, and define workflows to support key analytical and discovery stage pharmacokinetic and ADME strategies.

Technology Evaluation
An ever evolving array of instrumentation, software, reagents, and methods makes keeping abreast of new technology a time-consuming task. Choosing new technologies that provide value and return-on-investment can increase productivity and provide additional analytical or experimental capabilities. Together, we can design and conduct evaluations of technologies that will help you understand their associated risks and potential values.
Liquid junction surface sampling probe
Gary Van Berkel, Oak Ridge National Lab Organic and Biological Mass Spectrometry