Reducing animal use and improving PK data with Serial-Micro Sampling in Mice

The team at PharmaCadence has worked with partners at Lampire Biological Laboratories to implement serial micro sampling protocols for use in mouse studies. Dr. Jedd Hillegass, Senior Toxicologist at Lampire and PharmaCadence President, Dr. Carmen Fernández-Metzler have collaborated to establish reliable protocols that dramatically reduce the use of animals while providing superior experimental results. The collaborators recently proved the value of the approach with help from Jeff Pelletier at Fox Chase Chemical Diversity Center. The group used serial micro sampling to investigate the pharmacokinetics of a Riluzole prodrug in mice. The study saved more than 90 animals over a traditional experimental design requiring one animal per time point, and allowed the researchers to measure changes in PK parameters ordinarily lost in the variability of mouse per time point studies. The results of the study were recently presented at the AAPS 2012 meeting in Chicago.