PharmaCadence and Eksigent proving the value of Microflow UPLC

PharmaCadence and Eksigent are collaborating on systems and applications focused on reduced flow UPLC. Until very recently, the LC-MS world was divided into two parts, the nano-scale separations common to protein analysis and the analytical scale separations common with small molecule drug applications. The goal of the collaboration is to define the middle ground between the two. With flows from 20 ul/min to 200 ul/min the Eksigent ExpressHT delivers accurate binary gradients with a level of precision unmatched in this flow range. The team at PharmaCadence is working to understand how these reduced flows affect LC-MS assay performance and to evaluate the reliablility of day to day use for quantitative LC-MS. The work has been the subject of recent presentations at ASMS, PittCon and CPSA. Currently, the PharmaCadence lab relies exclusively on the Eksigent microflow platform and are able to demonstrate both the business and scientific arguments for using micro flow LC.